Nusa Tenggara

  • Sunset on Kanawa Island
    Domestic,  Nusa Tenggara

    Labuan Bajo (Part. 3) – Padar, Komodo, Kanawa Island and Pink Beach

    Our last day in Labuan Bajo I wanted to be here for another day, but this day was the last day *sigh*. So, I only could enjoy what’s gonna happen 😉 . Okay! Back to the reality on our third day. We started at 8 a.m. from the hotel. We would get on board towards Padar Island which is really famous in Labuan Bajo. In my opinion, it is better to go earlier or it will be hotter during the day. This time, we took a speed boat because of the further distance than yesterday. According to our guide, the best time to visit here is from March to April…

  • Sunset on Kalong Island
    Domestic,  Nusa Tenggara

    Labuan Bajo (Part. 2) – Kelor, Rinca and Kalong Island

    Good morning from Labuan Bajo! Labuan Bajo Harbour Today we would meet the blue sky and the blue ocean all day. What a happy day! 😀 It was 8 a.m., and we would get on board towards Kelor Island. In our local boat, there were two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen where the boat’s crew cooked lunch for us. They served us with complete facilities so, don’t forget to keep the boat clean 🙂 Before we arrived on Kelor Island, we could prepare our sunglasses, hats and applied some sunblock because it was so hot here. The sun shone brightly, and there were only a few trees here, so…

  • At the top of Sylvia Hill
    Domestic,  Nusa Tenggara

    Labuan Bajo (Part. 1) – Batu Cermin Cave and Sylvia Hill

    Hi, Labuan Bajo! This year my family and I spent our holiday in Labuan Bajo, which is known for its dragon, Komodo dragon. Labuan Bajo located in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. We started this trip from Surabaya and had a direct flight to Labuan Bajo because there wasn’t a direct flight from Solo (my hometown). After one and a half hours of flying, we arrived in Labuan Bajo and were welcomed by our local guide. The first place that we visited was Gua Batu Cermin, which located near Komodo airport. Komodo Airport Headed to Batu Cermin Cave Only in a few minutes, we arrived in Gua Batu Cermin.…